Monday, January 17, 2022


 Cold in January. Around 30s F. We work a lot in those days due to a lot of calls, sewer, plumbing.

Here are some pictures taken from today work.

January 17th 

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Frost free spigots

 Frost free spigots

Your hose bib (outdoor faucet) gets a workout during the summertime, however when the temperatures drop, that outside faucet can cause pipelines to freeze. One way to cut down on the danger of a burst pipeline is to set up a frost-free hose bib. These are often called freeze-proof, and they go by the name's faucet, spigot, Silcock and house bib. The style and setup of this special faucet decrease the chances of water freezing inside the spigot.

 When you shut down the water on a frost-free faucet, the water stops behind the valve, which is set further back inside the home. This indicates the water won’t freeze since it remains where the interior air temperature level is warmer. Because water left in the external portion of the pipeline drains to the outside, there’s absolutely nothing left freeze and trigger pressure in the pipes.

Tips for Preventing Freezing
Simply setting up a frost-free spigot might not suffice to prevent freezing. Correct fall maintenance on your outside faucet also helps decreases possible damage. You still want to get rid of the hose so water can exit the valve all the way when shut off. Any water caught in the faucet freezes, with that ice potentially working its method further into the pipe and triggering pressure, which can make a pipeline burst.

It’s likewise important to have an enough length to keep the valve in warm temperature levels inside from the exterior. Adding insulation to the wall or sealing around the hole for the faucet can help keep the area warmer, which reduces the risk of freezing.

Also having a foam bell above the frost free will protect from low temperatures. 

Sunday, January 2, 2022

Did you know?

 1. The garbage disposal, food waste disposal, or “garburator”, was invented in 1927 by a Wisconsin architect who created InSinkErator.

2. The first mechanical dishwasher was registered in 1850 in the United States by Joel Houghton. This device was made of wood and was cranked by hand while water sprayed onto the dishes. This device was both slow and unreliable. Another patent granted to L.A. Alexander in 1865  was similar to the first but featured a hand-cranked rack system. Neither was practical or widely accepted.

3. William Shepphard patented liquid soap on August 22, 1865. Minnetonka Corporation introduced the first modern liquid soap and cornered the market by buying up the entire supply of the plastic pumps needed for the liquid soap dispensers.

Sunday, December 26, 2021


 At the end of 2021 some thoughts about plumbing. 

It is hard to come with plumbing news every day, week, month. Plumbing is not entertainment, not politics, not breaking news. It is something simple but very powerful. It is passion, it is day buy day life to keep the today’s standards of living high, it is day by day plumbers life, their families life.

Plumbing is as old as civilization, an old name which has to be treated with respect and decency.

Imagine a world without plumbing. You can because that is before civilization. Please remember and have a plumber for your house because is worth it.

BBP Plumbing Inc wishes you a Happy New Year!

Friday, December 17, 2021


 Before the radio, tv, internet advertising how was?

I imagine the best advertising was the good product, the good service, the inspired ideas. Was so simple. 

You had a good product, a good price, I assume not to much wrap, you had a good advertising. Costs, zero. Only your mind.

You had a good service, your customer neighbor, the friends, the relatives, here you are, you had a good advertising. Was only your skills, your mind.

You had an idea, you took developed, you kept. You sold, here you go, you had a good advertising. Your mind.

Now days, the advertising is more and more fake. More irrelevant, irresponsible. 

Do we need advertising today taken from internet or we need ancient advertising? Honestly, we need both but I think we have to try to use the old advertising because is more efficient, exceed our expectations, less cost for us.

This is our point of view after years of advertising in news paper, radio, tv, and last over 10 years without advertising in media. Way better the last 10 years.

BBP Plumbing Inc.

Thursday, December 9, 2021

First flushable toilet


Inventor of First Flushable Toilet: John Harington gifts the flush toilet to Queen Elizabeth 1

Poop Town

 Poop town. The world has a known sewer system way in the back of the history, about 5,000 years b.c. 

The World cannot be considered modern without a sewer system. Plumbing engineer's mind. So, our question is how to create a new city with buildings, streets, shops to be one of the most expensive in the world and not having developed a sewer system. More than that, the tallest building in the World, has no sewer system. Say what? With apartments, penthouses with millions to be paid to have it with no sewer system at the basement, underground. Oh my, my.

BBP Plumbing Inc