Monday, February 18, 2013

Special offers

There are many ways to make your business known. One of them is to offer a reasonable price for a job, like water heater tune up, probably somewhere at $29.00-$39.00. This would lead you to introduce yourself and your business to people, and gain customers due to reasonable prices. Things can go well between you and the costumer, but what can you do when the costumer is looking to take advantage, or if there is a language bridge between you and them? There are certain people who are only focused on good prices and not what benefits they can get from a hard worker. That's advertising for business, you penitential customer of different kind of business has to see that, has to understand that. Between your contractor and you if is not a win-win, it is a waste of time for both of you. When you call for a cheap price, do not expect to pay only that price. Most of the time you will pay more, because and only because your house, plumbing, heating or something else needs up grades, changes.


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