Sunday, June 9, 2013

Trench less or digging!?

Trench less.
1. If the property has a nice yard is the best solution for spout repair or the whole line repair.
2. The best way  for re-lining is to have full size clean out, preferably out side.
3. Before you accept the re lining it will be better to have  another opinion from other company.
4. The best for correcting the transition between cast iron or duct iron pipe which go through foundation and old clay tile which runs under the yard to city sewer.
1. If the main line has belly and you want to correct the issue than digging is probably the solution.
2. If you have several cracks, missing section of pipe, with huge gap between pipes the digging is your way.
3. If you have inside clean out and worse not at all, will be better to consider having outside clean out.
4. Because the trench less or under other name the re lining is a new technology and we don't know how the new line will last.

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