Friday, May 22, 2015

About humans being robots!

I guess everybody gets the phone calls for all kind of companies which try not to sell to you something but they try to talk with you about something they will potentially foolish you to buy. First of all they have a script and they act like robots by reading that script without thinking with their own brain. If the guy wants to sell electricity they ask you to bring the last electrical bill without asking first if you are home. No, you are 50 miles away from home working because is 11:00 am. If the guy wants to sell warranty for your car they ask you to bring the car card but because of course they have no brain they forgot to ask you if you are with the car. No, you are not because the car is with your wife. And if you tell them that they are robots they hang up on you. They are frustrated not you because you have to answer at their damn phone.
Live us alone you robots! We think we are humans not plants.

Be positive! Be BBP PLUMBING!

Happy Memorial Day!


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