Saturday, September 26, 2015

Fall 2015

The fall is upon us. The summer is a nice book with beautiful pictures and lovely nights tale under the pleasant temperatures. Probably not to many plumbing issues but now is the time to check few things which will move you through the fall and winter at ease. First off all in October not later   please drain the outside spigot. If you don't have the antifreeze spigot, check the inside ball valve drain and drain the water. Then check in your smart notebook if you cleaned the kitchen sink drain because this can give you nightmare next day after the Thanksgiving Day. Is your main sewer line clean. When you video camera last time the main sewer? Don't know? Call the plumber or the sewer technician and let them to help you. If you think they are expensive, think how will be when the basement flooded. Last but not the least is your water heater old? If not is OK but needs certainly a tune up. If is older, lets say 10-12 years old, consider to replace it. You did all of this? OK, now I wish you to have a wonderful fall.

From us to you with love
 this wonderful pictures of Blue Ridge Highway. 


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