Tuesday, December 1, 2015


The following is the home inspection check list for most of the companies which operate the home inspection for plumbing.
____ Working exhaust fan that is vented to the exterior of the building
____ Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter ("GFCI") protection for electrical outlets within 6 feet of the sink(s)
____ Dishwasher: drains properly, no leaks, baskets, door spring operates properly
____ No leaks in pipes under sinks
____ Floor in cabinet under sink solid, no stains or decay
____ Water flow in sink adequate
____ No excessive rust or deterioration on garbage disposal or waste pipes

____ Working exhaust fan that doesn't terminate in the attic space
____ Adequate flow and pressure at all fixtures
____ Sink, tub and shower drain properly
____ Plumbing and cabinet floor under sink in good condition
____ If sink is metal, it shows no signs of rust, overflow drain doesn't leak
____ Toilet operates properly
____ Toilet stable, no rocking, no stains around base
____ Caulking in good condition inside and outside of the tub and shower area
____ Tub or shower tiles secure, wall surface solid
____ No stains or evidence of past leaking around base of bath or shower

Everything sounds good but is missing the most important part. They omit the video camera inspection for main sewer line. Why is important? Because that can save you thousands of $. Ask the Home Inspector if has been done the video camera inspection and ask for report. If the answer is not please call a plumbing company and have the inspection done. Ask for DVD and keep in your records. Now you can buy the house.


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