Monday, June 5, 2017

Real cost of the work

Do you know what real cost of the plumbing work is if you go through a pay by call!? Lets say you need to replace a garbage disposar under the kitchen sink. You open the computer, check on Google and find the site who you belive it is worth the trust. You gave your name, other details ask by the site and at the end you bring the reason for what you are there.At the end you click the magical button and you wait.
Now this is how it works. The site operator will contact one, two or three plumbing companies which will start to call you. Now is a question of time, is like a horse race between those. Let's say you make deal withone of them abd the cost is  X. And this might be OK for you. Now is something which you don't know. The Company who owns the site has a contract with all three plumbing Companies which for the service provided pays somewhere between 7 and 15%. Where that cost goes? In you bill. So the real cost can be X minus 7 to 15% less if you go directly with one of those companies. It is worth the X price? Sometimes yes, other no. If will be to give a tip i would say it is worth to go with a company who is less popular on Internet because their cost is less with the Internet advetising which means you will pay less. Is there a rule how to chose a Plumbing Company? No, but definitely i recommend to think twice before you choose a big one for your needs. Now I wish you to make a great decision!


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