Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Winter in Chicago

 There is winter in Chicago and his great area. Nice white snow, lots of kids at sledding. This is a beautiful time for everybody, but not for plumbing. 

The plumbing in our houses and buildings are exposed to low temperatures and could be seriously damage if we do not take care of . 

Needs to check if the temperatures in not finished basements, empty rooms near plumbing  are kept above 50F, if the crawlspaces are secure and insulated accordingly.

If you have plumbing running on exterior walls try to have a heat blower towards the wall. Let eventually open fixture at minimum.

Also have the kitchen sink drainage cleaned because grease can solidify and create clogs. 

Check if the sump is working properly because once the snow is gone, the underground water is high and the pump start to do her duty.

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