Friday, June 1, 2012

Definitions for main line equipment

spartan rodding machine

 Rodding machines are flexible steel rods with rotating blade cutters, augers, or
corkscrews. Rodding machines are most effective in small diameter sewers, up to 12”.


 Jetters, also known as flushers, flush trucks, jet rodders, jet trucks, and hydraulic sewer
cleaners, consist of a high pressure water pump, water tank, hose reel, and ½” to 1”
sewer cleaning hose. Water shooting through orifices in the rear of the nozzle propels
the hose through the sewer, blasting it through obstructions. As the hose and nozzle are
retrieved, debris is hydraulically flushed back to the insertion manhole for removal.
  Jetters can also be equipped with water-propelled spinning root    cutters. Root cutters
 often get snagged however, and can only be removed by digging   them  out.

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