Tuesday, June 19, 2012

More tips

Make sure everyone in the house knows where the main water cut off is, in case of an emergency.

In the event that your toilet begins to overflow, open the tank lid and push the flush valve closed. This will keep the  toilet from overflowing, while you clear the hindrance.

Check your meter on a regular basis. If there is no water running, all the dials on the meter should be static. If there is one moving on its own, this may indicate a leak in the house.

 Make sure you know where the cut off valves for your toilets are. This way, in case of an emergency, you don’t have to go all the way to wherever the main cut off valve is located.

 At least once a year, open and close all water valves in the house. This will ensure that they stay in working order.

 Once a year drain  tune up  your water heater. This will allow harmful sediment to clear. Check the water heater anode    rod and change it every 3 year.

 When you have a stopped drain, always use a plunger first over a drain cleaner. Drain cleaners should only be used as a last resort but drain cleaners are not recommended.

 Plungers with necks on them are the best to use on sink drains. If can not be unclogged, call the plumber.

Every two years clean your main sewer line, or at least video camera inspection.

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