Sunday, July 6, 2014

Middle of summer!

We are in mid summer and we are very busy. The weather, unusual with heavy rains, very hot create a lot of problems which has to be solve fast and with the optimal solution. Main problems now is the capacity of sump pumps to pump out of the drain tile the underground water during the heavy rain. Most of the sump pumps installed are 1/3 hp which cannot deal the enormous amount of water fallen down during the storm. The solution is to up grade the sump pumps at 1/2 hp and even at 3/4 hp. Also the evaluation of entire drain tile system which protect the house has to be done by scoping the drain and cleaning the drain if is necessary. Why is important all of this, because in this way you protect the value of your house, you avoid any surprise which can affect your budget. The house insurance can be low but can be high, too.
Have a safely summer!


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