Sunday, May 15, 2016

New homeowners

More and more young families are buying houses and starts a new life. Most of them are moving from their parents house where most of the time where not involves in the day by day houses problems like regularly maintenance of the house or emergencies. Now it is different. They have responsibilities to maintain their houses and of course to improve the environment where they live. So in the plumbing and sewer side our recommendation once they move to hire a plumber and inspect all the plumbing and sewer installation. The house inspection, we consider is not sufficient to detect eventually issues, most of the time is made very superficial. Here is a list of what we recommend to be inspected soon as you move in:

1. Main sewer line with  a video camera.
2. Outside spigots if they are frost free or regular.
3. Floor drains in the basements.
4. Kitchen sink drain.
5. Water heater age.

There are other to be checked but those are the most important.


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