Monday, December 31, 2012


Today is the last day of 2012. We had a good year in our business. We help a lot of people with our services, we make them happy. We thank our customers for 2012. We wish you the best for 2013, I hope is going to be a good year for everybody.

                HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bathroom statistics

Bathroom Statistics

One in four Americans with kids go to the bathroom to escape their duties and relax.
Almost 33% of Americans sing in the shower.
89% of women leave the toilet seat down, while only 70% of men in America leave it down.
32% of men claimed to have made love in a bathroom, which is double the number of women making the same statement.
85% of Americans who lost something down the toilet decided to retrieve the item themselves using their hands, a toilet scrubber, removing the drain, or some other homemade device.
Those notes I took from web and I think is interesting to share with you my blog reader.

Monday, December 17, 2012


We have a dry weather this December which is not as fair as needs to be. Snow, rain, cold are the nouns most common for this season. Instead we have mild temperatures, sunny days and a lot of skunk.
Regarding our activity was extremely busy. We had from main line cleaning, new plumbing,  lot of sump pumps change, wh replacements to minor repair. And more then that satisfaction  we help people doing good job and help them to have a nice end of the year. In the same time we wish next year to make more people to understand having a good, functional plumbing system in the house is healthy  for their environment, for their children.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

something funny!

Funny and true!


Complaining is the weapon of  that kind of people which don't know what to expect of the work what has to be done for them, who don't understand the work what has to be done. Usually the people who expect for less money to have excellent  work done at their request. Now they have an important place to complain: internet. Unfortunately they can create huge damage the companies who perform good work, but they complain even if the work is nearly perfect, because let be honest nothing is perfect. I would like these people before complaining to think about. Is their complaint to create something better or is only to create bad? I would like ... . 

About water heaters

There is same questions about what has to be done when the water heater pilot is falling, the burner is not working anymore or the tmp valve is not closing anymore. Do you need only to do the repair or change the whole unit? The way what i recommend is to change the unit. The new ones are more efficient, new warranty, energy saving, and more than that you are safe. It is possible to change the burner, the thermocuple , the tmp valve.
Don't forget all the manufactures recommend to change the anode rod every 3 years and every year tune up the water heater.
In last few months i saw units older than 15-20 years which i think is completely insane. The water heater should work properly as many years as warranty years the water heater has plus, if you change the anode rod every 3 years, one year/ anode rod change.And the space surrounding the water heater needs to be clean, empty of inflammable products.
Take this like a friendly advice.