Monday, May 27, 2013

Have been this installed by a plumber!?

This is kind of TO BE CONTINUE at the most recent post. This is probably made by a person totally out of plumbing business. Unnecessary work.
Another think wrong is they did not use no share couplings to connect the PVC pipe by Clay tile.

Clean out nightmare

Many people are asking for main line cleaning. In most of the old houses or where the regular maintenance is something rare the clean out is so rusted that the clean out thread is gone. After the technician takes off the cap and do his work, he can not tight a new one and he looks for short cuts.  Install a test plug is one of them, put back the old cap with plumber putty is another one. Sometimes to install a new clean out can cost you hundreds but WE thing worth it. No leaks, no hidden sort cuts. We give you time to think about.


 All those clean outs are not properly. The worst is the A.



Monday, May 6, 2013

Odd restrooms!

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Grease interceptor.

ENDURA INTERCEPTOR is one of the top grease interceptor in the market. 

There are some grease interceptors made by Canplast plumbing.

Not allowed to be installed in CHICAGO.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Back up sump pump

Back up sump pump connected to internet
Back up sump pump 

This back up sump pump is connected at internet. Also has back up battery when the power fail. With a remote the owner can control his back up system wherever hi is. Nice and clean job. A way to protect your house by flood.

Odd plumbing

between old and new