Thursday, June 14, 2018

We are back!

We are back after a long time. And we have so much to say about plumbing.

BBP Plumbing Inc.

One of the next project is to remodel a powder room. We chose the above ideas. If will be your house which one you will chose?

BBP Plumbing Inc

Plumbing as always

Plumbing as always can be a challenge in your weekly or monthly schedule. The problems will rise from nowhere when you do not expect them. So the most smart advise is to be preventive. Regular maintenance, keeping in good conditions, using the best fixtures and appliances will make your live a little better. No, much better.
Start now, don't wait.

BBP Plumbing Inc

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Leads, between true and false

Have you ever think what is about when you see leads there, leads here? And what are those leads? Let explain how generally those work.
Let say a Company, like a plumbing company is looking for leads. They looks on internet, this fabulous discovery of 21st Century, find a Company who sell them leads in order to have business. Generally speaking for Plumbing Company is attractive at the beginning because can generate income. Most of the Companies which sell leads take a deposit around $$$ dollars. They start to send leads to Plumbing Company. And here starts the problems. The leads are sending to more than one Company. The winner is only one. You will say this is the free market and is true. But the winning and the loosing Company will add to your invoice the cost of the leads plus the risk cost for potential lost leads. So lets say if your invoice is $300.00 the leads cost of $20.00 and the $10.00 risk cost will be there.
It is OK to work with a plumbing Company after you completed the form on web site of Company who generates leads?
Yes, if you don't have your own plumber yet. We recommend to find on if you don't by searching on internet at your local designated services.
No, if you like your money. In years you can save a little fortune by having your trusted own plumber or plumbing Company. The win-win will be evidently in long run.

We came with all the above after we read reviews of Leads Companies, which are horrible by the way. Most of them.

BBP Plumbing Inc

March madness

First movie made to show some of our March work.

Hope to like even if is not Spielberg.

BBP Plumbing Inc

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

January 2018

And here we are in January 2018. Cold weather all around the United States. In Great Chicago land area 2 weeks of ridiculous cold weather created a lot of problems in Plumbing. Most of those was related with burst piping in the walls, crawl spaces and even in finished basements. Also the kitchen sink drains because of the grease was the other major problem. Some outside pump drainage frozen, but those are normal and we do not comment.
But what we do with the others? First the winter is always with bad weather, snow, low temperature, So if there is not a right temperature around the piping the problem is there. The normal temperature around the piping with or without insullation is between 60F and 65F at least. In basements can be even 50F-55F with a adequated ventilation. In this conditions you can be safe.
Also before winter if you know you cook a lot and the sink drain is on exterior wall will be recommended to do a proactiv cleaning of the drain. Regular cost for kitchen sink cleaning is $200.00  significantly lower than a burst pipe followed by flodding. Your choise.
At the end proactic means money kept in the pocket.

All the best in 2018.

BBP Plumbing, Inc.