Thursday, October 20, 2016

New home buyer

We know the decision in buying a new home for the first time can be hard and with a lot of ups and downs. Let say you like a house and you want to buy that house. The house looks beautiful, new kitchen cabinets, granite counter top, stainless steel appliances, those two nice bathrooms just remodeled. The house of your dream. There is an inspector, building inspector which is doing his job as much as possible at the high standard. He wright a report which sounds good. You are almost there to sign the contract and live long and beautiful days in the new house. This is a beautiful story.
And here is coming our question, did you know something about the sewer line, about the water service if is from lead? No? In this situation we recommend before you have the closing to inspect the main sewer with a Sewer Specialist with at least few years experience and also have a Plumber to check the water service, what size is and how many fixtures can handle. The Sewer Specialist will run the video camera through the sewer and will inspect if this in good shape. He will advise you if the main sewer is OK. The Plumber will share with you all the above about water service. Only after those has been inspected you have a big picture about the hidden possible issues. If everything looks good in the reports we can say, yes you can purchase the house and enjoy.
    At the end we show you some pictures which can occur if you don't follow our advice.
 broken sewer.

 lead water service.

 lead and galvanized water pipe.

 missing section of main sewer.


Friday, October 7, 2016

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Antique toilets and bathrooms

How was looking a toilet in Rome or Athens? Did they have such things? Of course they where advance for that times. The freedom will give you, the beautiful mind, time to create, to developed projects to seek new ideas. The Romans and the Greeks took care of their health, probably not so expansive like in our days. We know the Romans Public bathrooms where a place of meetings and good time for many people, from senators to last citizen. The latrines, or public toilets where necessary to maintain the public health. I brought to you our friends few pictures discovered in the web. Enjoy.