Thursday, February 23, 2017

Home insurance

Is the home insurance a good fit for plumbing and sewer problems? Do you get the service per your expectations? Let's see. Let say you have a sewer back up in the basement and the cost, if you have to hire a company from internet or all kind of pages will be $400.00 to $500.00. This is a full service, cleaning, camera inspection and generally 6 months warranty. Now you have home insurance and the cost for the service is only $150.00. Do you think is something wrong? Where is the difference between the two services? Another exemple. The cost for a garbage disposal replacement is lets say about $450.00 if you do the work with  a plumbing company outside of the home insurance area. You have a nice 0.5 HP garbage disposal, clean work, most likely few washers change at p-trap and j-bend. Compliment from the company. If you have the work done through home insurance the cost will be $150.00? Wow! $150.00 sewer cleaning, $150.00 garbage disposal replacement. Lets move ahead. Your water heater leaks and you call local plumbing company and the cost for replacement is for 40 gallons heater about $800.00-$900.00 avarage for this kind of capacity. But of course you have hone insurance and the cost will be $150.00. Stop! Again $150.00. Now you have a question. How is this possible? Do you have probably you ask yourself same service or a better service if you have home insurance?  The only one who know the answer is YOU?

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