Thursday, November 23, 2017

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

How many quotes we need to take a decision in our project?

It is a legit question. How many quotes we need to take a decision in our project? Is so hard to take a decision or something else is the problem? In those days with so much internet sometimes in our projects is hard to take a decision. We doubt, we are not quite sure, we have a neighbor. Lets say we need to have a bathroom remodeled. We check the internet for the best company who we think will do the best job. We call the first company and we discus about our project. They expose their point of view which is slightly out of our vision about the project. We are confuse. Then they give us a quote. Looks a little above our expectation, but is OK.We thanks them and we inform them we will call them. Next step we call another and another company and we are completely lost. Not yet a decision and the times goes by. Not to mention probably we discuss with our neighbor, with our mother and father. Stop. Stop. This project our decision. Why we don't have already our general contractor? Our plumber? Our electrician? Our HVAC tech? I think the answer is we didn't know how to manage the fact that we are homeowners. Being homeowner means responsibilities. We need a GOOD service. We have to stick with one plumber, one electrician and so far. We will be loyal to him, he certainly will be loyal with us and he will treat our house like his house. It is so simple. If you don't trust what we are saying check, ask friends, and others. You will see the difference. BIG. HUGE. If you will have 10 plumbers or electricians they will have so many opinions and advises how many they are, 10. So what do you wait start to build loyalty with you services techs. You win.


PS Rise your hands.

Sunday, September 3, 2017


We finished one of the beautiful bathroom. It is thiny, cosi, and with a happy customer.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Greek Bathrooms

After some beautiful Spanish Bathrooms we invite you our viewers to enjoy to see few Greek Bathrooms. They are simply amazing.

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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Spanish bathrooms

Sometimes when we choose the type of bathrooms which we dream is far away from being drawn in our mind. So we need some inspiration, some help. Today we bring in front of you the Spanish Bathroom Style. Enjoy.


Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Old pictures with municipal sewer system

There are few old pictures with municipal sewer system. We hope those looks interesting.


Monday, June 5, 2017

Real cost of the work

Do you know what real cost of the plumbing work is if you go through a pay by call!? Lets say you need to replace a garbage disposar under the kitchen sink. You open the computer, check on Google and find the site who you belive it is worth the trust. You gave your name, other details ask by the site and at the end you bring the reason for what you are there.At the end you click the magical button and you wait.
Now this is how it works. The site operator will contact one, two or three plumbing companies which will start to call you. Now is a question of time, is like a horse race between those. Let's say you make deal withone of them abd the cost is  X. And this might be OK for you. Now is something which you don't know. The Company who owns the site has a contract with all three plumbing Companies which for the service provided pays somewhere between 7 and 15%. Where that cost goes? In you bill. So the real cost can be X minus 7 to 15% less if you go directly with one of those companies. It is worth the X price? Sometimes yes, other no. If will be to give a tip i would say it is worth to go with a company who is less popular on Internet because their cost is less with the Internet advetising which means you will pay less. Is there a rule how to chose a Plumbing Company? No, but definitely i recommend to think twice before you choose a big one for your needs. Now I wish you to make a great decision!


Sunday, May 28, 2017

Summer 2017

Summer of 2017 is around the corner. Spring is almost gone. Some rains with kind of intensity in May. We just want to remind you the summer usually brings thunderstorms which creates lots of problem in the homes. Will be great if you will check with your local plumber or sewer technicians if your main sewer line is in good shape. It makes the difference after a thunderstorm. Also the sump pump and the battery backup is important to be check. The power outage will let you without electricity. The pump will not work and than to have a battery back up is very important. Are you ready for the Summer now?

BBP Plumbing Inc.

Monday, May 1, 2017

After a long time

Unfortunately it has been a long time since our last post. Our company have been grown to a certain level where we consider we need to improve in order to be succesfull in the future. For that reason and only we've been out for this blog for a litle more than one month. But now we are back and we will bring more information about our activity, about the news in this wonderfull trade: PLUMBING.
   So lets start with some jokes about plumbing.

 What do you call a person who picks plums? A plumber!

Don't be racist, be like Mario. He's an Italian plumber, created by Japanese people, who speaks English, and looks like a Mexican

 A man at a bus station shows off pictures of his three sons to an acquaintance. “What do your boys do for a living?” asked the man.“Well the two youngest ones are both neurosurgeons,” he replied.
“What does the oldest do?”
“He’s a plumber. How else would the other two have been able to afford medical school?”

We see you next time


Friday, March 10, 2017


There is another Spring just around the corner. So far to this point is still winter in Chicago land area. I can say very cold. But all this are not important because the Spring is what we want. But are you prepare for all the rains which will come soon. Did you check if the sump pump will face the heavy rains? Did you check the main sewer line if is wide open? Is your drain tile system working? Oh, you have a flood control system and you are protected by him? I know is good to have it but it is working? Did you checked the ejector pump? I the flapper in good shape? Do you see all of this are pertinent questions and makes you to be informed about a system part of the complicated system named House. So what stop you ?

We wish all our viewers a beautiful Spring!


Thursday, February 23, 2017

Home insurance

Is the home insurance a good fit for plumbing and sewer problems? Do you get the service per your expectations? Let's see. Let say you have a sewer back up in the basement and the cost, if you have to hire a company from internet or all kind of pages will be $400.00 to $500.00. This is a full service, cleaning, camera inspection and generally 6 months warranty. Now you have home insurance and the cost for the service is only $150.00. Do you think is something wrong? Where is the difference between the two services? Another exemple. The cost for a garbage disposal replacement is lets say about $450.00 if you do the work with  a plumbing company outside of the home insurance area. You have a nice 0.5 HP garbage disposal, clean work, most likely few washers change at p-trap and j-bend. Compliment from the company. If you have the work done through home insurance the cost will be $150.00? Wow! $150.00 sewer cleaning, $150.00 garbage disposal replacement. Lets move ahead. Your water heater leaks and you call local plumbing company and the cost for replacement is for 40 gallons heater about $800.00-$900.00 avarage for this kind of capacity. But of course you have hone insurance and the cost will be $150.00. Stop! Again $150.00. Now you have a question. How is this possible? Do you have probably you ask yourself same service or a better service if you have home insurance?  The only one who know the answer is YOU?

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An informed person is a smart person. A smart person cannot be manipulated.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

How much ...

Lately, talking with plumbers, plumbing business owners we saw a trend for complains. Also reading the Internet at plumbing complains this trend is scary. Many complains are justified; some plumbers and plumbing companies don't have experience to do all kind of jobs, some of them don't treat with respect their trade, some companies hire plumbers with experience in day by day type of plumbing installation and not prepare for service where every call needs different knowledge and approach. But many of the complains are so far for the subject. Most common is where people complains about the cost of the service which they have to pay. They have to understand in a free market everyone have their way in doing their prices. Self employees will have a lest cost of their business than a several employees company and so they will charge you less. It is not justified at all people complaint about the price. They can choose from hundreds of plumbing service companies accessing the internet, checking the mailing. Other major complains are when after one kind of work is done, somebody told them there could be done differently. Somebody  most of the time is The Neighbor. For all means do not listen The Neighbor. He is the best neighbor in the word but he is not a plumber, because if it was you've been hire him. Sometimes for one problem are one, two or several solutions, now everything depending of the approach from the service providers. Another type of complaint is the cleanest of the job site during the work and after the work. This complaint is the most justified from customer side and this is the major factor which you, The Customer, have the right not to call same plumbing company or plumber on your next projects. All people must understand sometimes bad things could happen, but non of the services providers wants to hearts you. All how gives services are to help YOU when the problems occurs. Understand this. Hoping for a world without complains we wish you all the best and a beautiful day like this


BBP Plumbing Inc.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Frozen pipes

There is that time of the year when many pipes burst. The damage can be huge, home insurance will cover most of the time but your insurance will go up. So what keeps you to call a plumber and he will give his expertise what needs to be done to prevent the disaster. It is so easy and can save you lot of money.
Just a reminder this

cannot be fix with this

because can cause this

Call a plumber and you will have a beautiful winter