Thursday, November 23, 2017

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

How many quotes we need to take a decision in our project?

It is a legit question. How many quotes we need to take a decision in our project? Is so hard to take a decision or something else is the problem? In those days with so much internet sometimes in our projects is hard to take a decision. We doubt, we are not quite sure, we have a neighbor. Lets say we need to have a bathroom remodeled. We check the internet for the best company who we think will do the best job. We call the first company and we discus about our project. They expose their point of view which is slightly out of our vision about the project. We are confuse. Then they give us a quote. Looks a little above our expectation, but is OK.We thanks them and we inform them we will call them. Next step we call another and another company and we are completely lost. Not yet a decision and the times goes by. Not to mention probably we discuss with our neighbor, with our mother and father. Stop. Stop. This project our decision. Why we don't have already our general contractor? Our plumber? Our electrician? Our HVAC tech? I think the answer is we didn't know how to manage the fact that we are homeowners. Being homeowner means responsibilities. We need a GOOD service. We have to stick with one plumber, one electrician and so far. We will be loyal to him, he certainly will be loyal with us and he will treat our house like his house. It is so simple. If you don't trust what we are saying check, ask friends, and others. You will see the difference. BIG. HUGE. If you will have 10 plumbers or electricians they will have so many opinions and advises how many they are, 10. So what do you wait start to build loyalty with you services techs. You win.


PS Rise your hands.