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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Toilets on submarine

How do toilets work on submarine?

Submarine heads (toilets) are pretty simple in construction and operation, and nothing at all like most people are used to. In fact, the only resemblance is that they have standard seats. 

They're of stainless steel construction, like many things on board a submarine. The biggest difference is flushing; rather than operating a handle like a normal head, there is simply a water valve that when you open it lets water into the bowl, and then you operate a large lever (about 3' long) which is attached to a 4" ball valve, which when moved manually opens the valve and lets waste drain to the sanitary tank for later disposal (overboard while underway to feed the fishes, and pumped to shore sewer lines while in port).

It's EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that all head ball valves are closed while blowing sanitary tanks overboard or to shore connections. Since the tank is pressurized with high-pressure air to force the waste out, the heads are secured and signs posted on the doors to warn crew that the tank is being purged. Failure to heed those warnings (or failure to hang the signs) has resulted in more than one unhappy crew member with high-pressure crap in the face as a result of opening the valve while the tank is pressurized.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Did you know!?

   Can you imagine not having a toilet? Can you imagine not having privacy when you need to relieve yourself? Although unthinkable for those living in wealthy parts of the world, this is a harsh reality for many – in fact, one in three people on this globe does not have access to a toilet! Have you ever thought about the true meaning of dignity?

Monday, November 18, 2013

Just faucets!




A nice faucet in everybody kitchen or bathroom makes the life better.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Another catch basin done!

  We transformed a collapsed catch basin in new one, nice and with straight wall. New lid for catch basin.
And first of all a happy customer.

Thanksgiving tips from us!

Did you know that the day after Thanksgiving is the single busiest of the year for any residential plumbers?  Big holiday meal preparation and cleanup can lead to excessive waste in the kitchen drain and garbage disposal. Also, a house full of holiday guests who require additional clothes washing, showers and toilet flushes puts a strain on household plumbing.
Often, a house already has partially clogged drains that go unnoticed until holiday guests arrive and overwhelm the system.  Hectic houses full of people and frantic hosts can quickly lead to plumbing problems throughout the holiday season.
Even more problematic is that virtually every traditional Thanksgiving dish is a supreme drain clog culprit.
Thanksgiving hosts can avoid a visit from their plumber over the holiday weekend by following these clog-preventing tips:
-- Never pour fats or cooking oils down drains. They solidify in pipes. Instead, wipe grease from pots with paper towels and throw them in the trash.
-- Avoid putting stringy, fibrous or starchy waste in the garbage disposal. Poultry skins, celery, fruit and potato peels, for example, cannot be sufficiently broken down.
-- Make sure the disposal is running when you put food into it. Don’t wait until it’s full to turn it on.
-- For homes hosting weekend guests, it’s a good idea to wait ten minutes between showers so slow drains have time to do their  job.
-- Never flush cotton balls, swabs, hair or facial scrub pads down a toilet. They don’t dissolve and will cause clogs.
-- Try to address any plumbing problems before the holiday and before guests arrive. However, in holiday emergencies, don’t hesitate to ask up front about extra holiday service fees.
As always, know your limits. Minor plumbing problems often turn into plumbing catastrophes if not handled properly.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


About plumbers

This is typical how the plumbing looks in almost every house. Is not a rocket science, is something simple. But to create simple thinks sometimes takes longer time than you think. Do we need the plumbers to create this system or is enough handyman? Definitively we need plumber!  Are they, the plumbers, good enough? Not all the time, but those with experience and those who love their job definitively yes. Are they expensive? Is the doctor expensive? No!? Than neither the plumber! Like a doctor who save lives, the plumber save your house, part of your life. Is not necessary to love the plumber but don't forget him when you need to fix your house plumbing problems.


Sunday, November 3, 2013

Toilet seats!


There are many kind of toilet seats. Plastic, wood or other materials.All of them look nice, we clean  them periodically.  But do you know a study made by the European Institutes of Public Health recommend the toilet seats to be change every couple years? How old is your toilet seat?


Friday, November 1, 2013

Reviews and complaints

With new age of internet, writing a review or complaint is like writing a letter years ago. Now sites like Yelps, Angie's List, Google contain thousands of reviews and complaints more or true or false. Is this good or not when we take decision to hire a company to service our problem base on reviews or complaints? Probably 50-50. One think we want to bring in front of you, sometimes a small company which don't have a full marketing department, but have good technicians is more helpful for your needs. This is experience and that thoughts they don't need internet advertising because they are there and serve you ALL the time ON TIME and WELL.


P.S. We understand the internet is present but is he the FUTURE!?

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