Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Winter is around the corner

 Winter is around the corner. The plumbing in the house needs few things to be taking care. Here are few of them:

1. Turn of the spigot. If you have a frost free we advise to buy from your local Depot a foam bell to cover over the winter. If there is a shut off valve in the basement turn it of and drain the water from the spigot.

2. Check the main sewer line if is in good shape with no roots and no shifts. Video camera inspection recommended every 2 years.

3. Make sure the kitchen sink drain is not obstructed because don't forget Thanksgiving is in less then 1 month.

4. Check the water heater if is set up to properly temperature. Check for leaks at the unions.

5. Maintain during the winter a properly temperature in the basement.

Now you are ready for winter.

BBP Plumbing Inc