Sunday, September 7, 2014

About Sunday plumbing

Sunday is usually is a family day! Nice weather, NFL kick-off, all the ingredients for a nice day. But a maintenance engineer for a building in Chicago   is asking for help to locate a main sewer line clogged. The building is property of kind of health institute and of course they have to be open tomorrow, Monday 9:00am. We arrived in less then 30 minutes. They tried to open the main line from 3 clean outs and one pulled toilet!? Wow! They broke one toilet and they could not open the line. After two hrs of camera inspection the findings are the following: there is no outlet, at least a good opening to city sewer line. We study the blue print and not even close with reality. At the end we've been informed the building has been built WITHOUT PERMIT by a plumbing company with NO PLUMBER! Now nothing else matter but the idea of having the right company for your projects. Chip companies rise up questions in quality, legality, liability of the work given!
Eyes up! Have a good week!