Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Do not trust!?

When we chose a company to help for develop our project in our house or around our house first of all we Google different sites like yelp, Home Adviser, Angie's List, Craig List and few other base on their specific market. You find what you are looking for and you start the project. But have you ever ask how much more do you pay? Do you think Angie's list is for free? Do you think Home Adviser is sending the best of the best? Not even close. There in the market are many companies which don't give to much for advertising, they have a little advertising and that's it. But they have the best employees and they provide the best work in the world. Why? Because they have selected customers like you but the difference is their customers know them and are happy with them. A really good company don't need to pay thousands of dollars for advertising for what? They PAY their employee and keep the cost down for you, dear customer. Our advise think twice and do once.


Saturday, January 3, 2015


2014 was a great year for our company. Lot of work, more customers, nice reviews in Yelp. We tried to do the best to help people and we think we did it. Thanks for all of you!
2015 we hope to be successful, too. God bless you all!