Thursday, September 20, 2012


                 Drains are an integral part of every home. Unfortunately, it is often left forgotten and ends up getting clogged. We have to admit that not all of us are experts at drains but a good insight can help us avoid these costly hassles. Obviously, we first need to know what drains are in order to understand them. It’s not really rocket science and just about anybody can pick up a thing or two.
                 The basic idea or principle of a drain is simple. Water starts at the high end and goes through a pipe or down a trench by the aid of gravity into the low end where it then flows out into a ditch or a sewer. Today’s homes are a little bit more complicated though as they require three things to work properly. These are the trap, the stack and the clean out.
                  Here are a few things about the drains that we regularly use. Because we use these drains often, it is only right that we know more about how they work so that we can have a easier time assessing the problem if ever it comes to that.
                  And never forget, is not really rocket science, but if you have problems with your plumbing, call a PLUMBER with very good skills in DRAIN CLEANING.


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