Wednesday, November 19, 2014


The cold season is upon us. Again. But don't forget to be prepare with your plumbing for winter season. Did you drained the out side spigot? No, it is time to do it. Are you sure the kitchen drain is clean? Thanksgiving is here and you don't want your dishes to back up in the laundry tub, don't you? Call a plumber and let him to clean the kitchen drain. The main line I don't ask if is OK. It is not? OK than? Needs a good cleaning and you'll have a great year ending. Also the low temperature can burst your piping if those are expose and not insulated. Visualized all expose piping in your house, most in the basement and crawlspaces and if something is not well call the plumber and he will check for you. And by the way don't look for free service. Free is coming and less service is giving. Good job is a worthy job and needs to be compensated at his value.

Have a safe and easy winter!


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