Sunday, January 29, 2017

How much ...

Lately, talking with plumbers, plumbing business owners we saw a trend for complains. Also reading the Internet at plumbing complains this trend is scary. Many complains are justified; some plumbers and plumbing companies don't have experience to do all kind of jobs, some of them don't treat with respect their trade, some companies hire plumbers with experience in day by day type of plumbing installation and not prepare for service where every call needs different knowledge and approach. But many of the complains are so far for the subject. Most common is where people complains about the cost of the service which they have to pay. They have to understand in a free market everyone have their way in doing their prices. Self employees will have a lest cost of their business than a several employees company and so they will charge you less. It is not justified at all people complaint about the price. They can choose from hundreds of plumbing service companies accessing the internet, checking the mailing. Other major complains are when after one kind of work is done, somebody told them there could be done differently. Somebody  most of the time is The Neighbor. For all means do not listen The Neighbor. He is the best neighbor in the word but he is not a plumber, because if it was you've been hire him. Sometimes for one problem are one, two or several solutions, now everything depending of the approach from the service providers. Another type of complaint is the cleanest of the job site during the work and after the work. This complaint is the most justified from customer side and this is the major factor which you, The Customer, have the right not to call same plumbing company or plumber on your next projects. All people must understand sometimes bad things could happen, but non of the services providers wants to hearts you. All how gives services are to help YOU when the problems occurs. Understand this. Hoping for a world without complains we wish you all the best and a beautiful day like this


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