Sunday, December 7, 2014

How to hire the right plumber for the job

There tends to be 2 types of plumbers and not all companies have both types on staff. There are plumbers who handle basic repairs and services( often times in emergency situations) and then there are the plumbers who specialize in remodeling projects and installations. For this reason it is very important to know what your needs are when looking to hire the professional.
There is a check list, and by going through you can avoid making costly mistakes in the hiring of a service professional.

  • Make sure to check for licensing and insurance
  • Find out if the plumber offer service guarantee or warranty
  • Ask about service fees; such as in the case of night, weekend, and emergency hours
  • Find how many years this company has been doing business in your area
  • Make sure you allow enough time for the plumber to get the job done right
  • For larger jobs be sure to request a written proposal or estimate
  • Do not hire a plumber based only on price
  • Ask if the company has all the tools or parts in stock for your particular needs
  • Ask for references, testimonials and less for reviews
Probably there are more to be add in the check list but those are basic. We wish you luck in hiring a plumbing contractor.


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